Four Top Grounding Techniques

Four Top Grounding Techniques

Do you know a technique to use when you need to bring yourself into the present moment?

Body Awareness can be such an effective way to bring yourself into the present moment and most techniques can be done from anywhere which is great!

Here are my top 4 grounding techniques that you can use to become body aware:

  1. With bare feet, place your feet on the ground and wiggle your toes
  2. Squeeze your hand in your fist for10 seconds then release the tension
  3. Press your palms together and apply pressure then release
  4. Hold one or both arms up to the sky as high as possible then slowly release

Remember that it's really important no matter what technique you use to really notice the sensations in your body, what can you feel, how does it feel, where can you feel it?

What do you do to ground yourself? Or what one are you going to try?

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